While I have many years of experience conducting research as a journalist, I recently had my first taste of helping to publish higher education research alongside my team at The Aspen Institute. The two-volume research paper on community college transfer to high graduation rate four-year institutions can be found here, on The American Talent Initiative's website.

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Communications, Outreach, & Event Planning

I have worked in communications and event planning for multiple brands and companies, most notably Atlantic Media & The Atlantic. My experience includes:

  • Handling all capacities of event planning, including guest outreach, booking talent, handling venues & catering, and running day-of operations

  • Writing press releases and advisories

  • Working with producers, journalists, and editors

  • Pitching stories to a wide variety of national news outlets

  • Completing competitor research and follow media trends

  • Working on media outreach and developing strategic communications plans

Journalism & Media

My professional work in media includes writing, editing, researching, and communications. While pursuing journalism throughout undergrad, I worked as an editorial intern or freelancer at magazines and digital media companies including Greatist, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, VICE, and Runner’s World. While working in journalism, I spent most of my time writing pieces, both for the web and print magazines, editing and copy-editing, conducting research, and interviewing sources.

Additionally, I have experience in social media management focusing on:

  • Writing, designing, and producing content for social media channels for both major media brands & individual entrepreneurs

  • Working around the clock to ensure that content is posted on time and is formatted correctly

  • Planning and executing social media strategy across platforms

  • Researching and monitoring trends in the digital space on a daily basis (in the past, I've done this for brands like