Love still trumps hate.

Love still trumps hate, so I'm not going to spread any more of it today. But white Americans, please look around you. Think about looking in the eye all of the Americans who are not you, do not live in your reality, and woke up this morning feeling afraid for their health, their families, and their futures. No one should ever feel like that in their country. Yes, I understand that people vote for their own personal interests, but if you're going to do so, take a look around and acknowledge what you're overlooking in the process. No one's health, happiness, safety, or sense of belonging is worth less than whatever is on the other side of that equation. We all need to try to understand and respect each other a little better for this country to move forward, not backward.

Americans of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, religious minorities, etc., I stand with you. And I am so sorry that you were let down. That we let you down. This country is all of ours. And all we can do is try to move forward together.