Photo: Alix Kramer Photography

Photo: Alix Kramer Photography

I'm McKenzie M. Maxson. I'm a writer, former journalist, and enthusiast of all things education & policy.

I graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 2016. (I also have a Bachelor's in European history, but they don't put that on your diploma.) I've been sure I wanted to write and do research in some shape or form since I learned how to hold a pen, but the type of writing I enjoy has changed a lot over the years. In college, I did everything from investigative journalism to fashion and fitness, and even threw some fiction in the mix. Since I graduated from college, I've expanded my desire to write for a living from strictly traditional journalism to just about anything that allows me to help tell important stories, share information, and to make a difference.

After a few years of working in traditional media, I've shifted focus to policy and research. I'm especially passionate about education policy and managed to find the perfect position working for The Aspen Institute's College Excellence Program, which works to advance higher education practices, policies, and leadership and significantly improve student outcome (especially low- and moderate-income students).

 In my free time, you'll likely find me listening to a podcast, reading, or lifting heavy weights.

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